Who is K9 Companion?

- K9 Companion is a store dedicated to bringing customers and their dogs closer together by offering affordable products that you can your dog will both love. Dogs are mans best friend and we strive to ensure that statement stays true.


Is it safe to shop on K9 Companion?

- Absolutely! Safety for our customers is our number one priority which is why we provide a secure checkout. And if you don't feel comfortable you can always opt to pay through PayPal.


What does K9 Companion have to offer?

- We offer a wide range of products from accessories for you to express your love for dogs to toys your dog will adore and everything in between. We are constantly adding more products to ensure you can find what you want for a price you want.


How long are shipping times?

- Generally our shipping times take 2-4 weeks. Some countries outside of the US may experience longer shipping times. Around holidays shipping times may be extended up to 5 extra days due to an influx of orders.


Why are the shipping times so long?

- In order to provide our customers with the best prices we have to use a cheaper method of shipping which can take longer than traditional methods of shipping.


Why are some of your products free?

- Occasionally we will do a special promotion on products we believe our customers can truly benefit from. We believe that creating a friendship and trust with customers is much more important in bringing the K9 Community together, so all we ask is you cover the shipping for the product. When we run these promotions supplies generally run out quickly so consider yourself lucky to take advantage of these deals!


How do we contact support?

- You can always email us at sales@shopk9companion.com. Please allow up to 48 hours for a response.